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Azm University opts for a hybrid approach to support remote courses during the Fall semester

Azm students attend their MDIA 414 - Theatrical Performance class with instructor Jean Rattel.
MDIA 414 is an introductory course in the theories, techniques, and practices of the theater, including running a production from its initial stages to the conclusion of the run.

Due to the prevailing conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, Azm University is adopting a hybrid approach for some of its courses this Fall 2020. Hybrid courses include classes that require occasional and limited physical attendance.

This framework is making it possible for instructors to tailor their jobs to the demands of their disciplines. The hybrid approach at Azm University is possible because the institution can take advantage of its numerous large classes which allow for adequate social distancing, and where all are required to wear masks and do so correctly.

The hybrid approach will be suspended during lockdowns mandated by the Ministry of Health.
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