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Meet Mohamad Missilmani

Mohamad Missilmani is an experienced media professional with more than 30 years of intensive experience in several mass media outlets. He is a passionate academician who has lectured at major universities in Lebanon. He holds a BS in Liberal Arts and Liberal Studies from The University of the State of New York, and an MBA from the Lebanese American University. Azm University is pleased to welcome him into its Media Faculty.

Mr. Missilmani started his career as an academic theatre professional and drama coordinator, where he mastered the art of acting and directing and helped put several Major Theatre Productions at LAU and elsewhere, and hundreds of student productions along with teaching theater courses for several years. Then he turned to the TV industry and used his managerial skills and his creative artistic flair to help push the TV industry in the MENA and GCC to higher levels. He managed the News Division in Future Television and created a system for news coverage which helped place Future TV news crew at their best. After establishing the News Division, he moved to production where he headed the Division and as an Executive Producer. He created several known TV programs and TV events which became prominent in the region and he helped in launching hundreds of TV shows over a period of 25 years. He collaborated with several TV stations and production houses and produced shows at the national and international levels.
However, he never gave up on teaching and as he was building his career in television and in media, he lectured in several Universities for more than 14 years sharing his knowledge and experience with his students. With a team of professionals, he is currently developing the technology to integrate television into the world of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.
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