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Journalist Fatfat Delivers Motivational Lecture in Student Organized Event

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On October 21, Azm University about 50 media students had the chance to hear a strong motivational talk by journalist, news reporter, and content producer Ibrahim Fatfat as part of a course in Public Relations and Advertising, and as a guest of student Hind Hawli. Mr. Fatfat was invited to Azm as part of an event organizing requirement of the Dr. Ramez Maluf’s course.

Mr. Fatfat, who currently works for the TV station MTV and the online broadcaster SBI, described his personal experience, struggles and obstacles faced, as he pursued his uncompromising dream to become a journalist. Neither parents, nor friends encouraged him to pursue his calling, but he never wavered in his determination. At times that meant staying up all night on a sidewalk in Beirut as he awaited an interview the next morning, unable to afford a room in a hotel, or even a return home to Tripoli. At others, he had to offer working for free, just to get a foot in the door at MTV.

Today, despite being himself a recent graduate, Mr. Fatfat is an accomplished professional, a fact that made his inspirational talk the more convincing.
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