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Azm University Graduate Sara Abbas Wins 2nd prize at the Prestigious Chaderji 21st Award for Architecture Students in Lebanon

ARCHIDES graduate Ms. Sara Abbas won the 2nd prize at the prestigious Chaderji 21st award for architecture students in Lebanon, an award organized in collaboration with the Order of Engineers and Architects in Beirut.

Ms. Abbas presented her project “Beyond the Classroom: How Architectural Neuroscience Affects the Public Schooling Systems in Lebanon” at the Order in front of jury members from Lebanon and the region with other participating students from universities across Lebanon, including AUB, USEK, ALBA, LU, and BAU. Sara's graduation project is ARCHIDES first participation in the award.

The project rethinks the role of school and education as an impetus and a catalyst for social change by creating an environment where teaching and learning are lifelong endeavors, and the student is nourished with natural exuberance, energy, and delight in the search for meaning. The project aims at offering a new vision for the public school as it lends itself into a knowledge hub that would benefit equally the individual and the community, a nexus of exploration, experimentation and self-realization and a platform for developing an environmental sensibility and awareness.

Ms. Abbas’ project was carried out under the supervision of both Acting Dean Halah Abi Haydar and the late Dean Jamal Abed.
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