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BMC Card Game in the Entrepreneurship Classroom

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Azm University MGMT309 Entrepreneurship students played the BMC card game (Heidi M. Neck, Babson College) during the business model canvas (Osterwalder & Pignuer) workshop, facilitated by Mr. Hani Mawlawi on November 11, 2021.

Each group of students put the 9 playing cards, each corresponds to one BMC building block, in the order they collectively think they should focus on while defining their business ideas and filling the canvas accordingly. This has triggered some brainstorming and exciting discussions within each group as well as among all groups during Q&A upon the presentation at the end of the game by each group showing their preferred order and why.

This engaging workshop helped the students learn in a fun and collective way about the business model canvas, enhance their critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills, and hence help them build their entrepreneurship skills in general.
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