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Family Day 2022

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Azm University hosted its annual Family Day on Wednesday, March 25, in the Campus Auditorium. The Family Day served as an opportunity for parents, siblings, and families to interact and connect with faculty, staff and other families, to explore the campus and discuss the vision and future of the University.

The Admissions Department presented the existing faculties and the new academic programs that will be offered in the University.

The Director of Quality Assurance elaborated on the Quality Policy adopted by Azm University and the role being played by the Azm University Entrepreneurship Center in developing students' entrepreneurial skills and supporting students entrepreneurs.

The President of the University, Dr. Ramez Maluf discussed the exciting future plans of the University and welcomed questions from families and students.

This Family Day provided families with a small taste of the intellectual and cultural vitality of our students' home away from home.
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