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Azm Students Participate in Media Digital Literacy Academy at LAU

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Azm University media students and alumni were among 50 Lebanese and 50 international participants invited to attend the Digital Literacy Academy of Beirut (MDLAB), which took place May 19 to May 27 at LAU-Beirut.

Azm students and alumni joined other students, journalists, activists, faculty members, and professors from Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Germany, Canada, and the United States for nine days of intensive lectures and workshops meant to improve media and digital literacy education in the region.

Azm's Amen Ayoubi, Loulwa Obeid, Zeina Hammoud, Razan Haydar, Yasmin Salha, Omar Jalloul, and alumni Fatima Majzoub and Jana Omary were the only participants from North Lebanon selected to join the MDLAB.

MDLAB strives to improve media and digital literacy education in the region by offering the necessary training, curricular materials, and resources, as well as by encouraging professors, students, journalists, and activists to apply what they have learned in the classroom. MDLAB has so far been successful in bringing media and digital literacy to 40 Arab universities and schools throughout 12 Arab countries. The academy is working on an MDL curriculum that will include modules and training manuals as well as course plans, multimedia, and case studies.

At the conclusion of the training program, students presented their final projects and were awarded certificates of participation from LAU's Dean of Arts & Sciences and a representative of the U.S Embassy in Beirut.
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