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Education Program (Pending Official Decree)


The Department of Education strives at preparing professional teachers who are academically well-grounded in both their subject matter and pedagogy, and to enable experienced educators to update their knowledge and skills. The curriculum puts emphasis on theory and practice, classroom management, instructional strategies, and technology. The objective is to graduate teachers with rich and diverse backgrounds across several disciplines such as humanities, social sciences, language ability, and written and oral communication skills.
The Department of Education bases its teaching and learning methods on coining theory with practical field experience. The classes are a combination of lectures, hands-on training, projects, reading assignments, take-home assignments, in-class assignments, exams and other. Teaching in the Department follows the learner-centered philosophy hence interactive student learning, cooperative learning, problem solving and flipped learning among other methods.


The mission of the Department of Education is to prepare exemplary teachers who are passionate about teaching, research, and professional service in the education of children from diverse backgrounds, and in supporting children to meet 21st century demands.

Program Objectives

The Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education prepares students for a teaching career based on the belief that children in the elementary school should experience authentic and meaningful learning. Hence, the teacher candidate in the Department will:
  • Promote the learning and growth of students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter core to the elementary school curriculum in Lebanon and beyond.
  • Demonstrate a high level of pedagogical knowledge about the theory and practice of teaching a subject matter in the local, regional and international contexts.
  • Show profound knowledge in instructional practices that meet high standards in the teaching profession
  • Know how to conduct action research
  • Exhibit professional ethics, reflectiveness, high-level values and cultural proficiency demonstrate deep understanding of policies and practices that contribute to systemic inequities in education.

Program Outline

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