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Chemistry Program (Pending Official Decree)


Chemistry is the study of molecular structure, chemical reactions, and the molecular basis of solids, liquids, and gases. The Chemistry Department at Azm University provides a strong theoretical program of study and practical training in the chemical sciences to assure the success of its students in graduate schools, professional schools and employment. Graduates of this program will be able to explain the essential facts, principles and theories across all four major areas of chemistry; analytical, organic, inorganic and physical. Students throughout the program are strongly encouraged to be engaged in research in these areas.


The Chemistry Department is dedicated to providing a high quality education and to prepare chemistry students to contribute to their societies. It aspires to carry out the Azm university objective to instill in its students a spirit of independent research and a deep commitment to scientific thinking and continuous progress not only in their course work, but also in their life long careers.

Program Objectives

Chemistry provides the basic knowledge for many aspects of our life such as crude oil refining, pharmaceuticals, water desalination, metallurgy, synthetic fabrics, paint, as well as a huge number of products which directly or indirectly affect our life. Chemistry major students will be qualified for many pursuits. They may choose to work in chemical industry; continue advanced studies in chemistry; take professional training in medicine, dentistry or other health-related fields; prepare to teach at the secondary level; or pursue opportunities in related fields such as environmental science, forensics, business, and industry. Major values of the chemistry program:
  • To prepare professionals to participate and contribute to the future development of chemistry.
  • To develop students’ knowledge of modern professional practices including the capacity for effective communication and collaborative team work.
  • To provide students with knowledge and skills that is necessary for employment and for pursing post-graduate studies.

Program Outline

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