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A quarterly publication on criminal justice, security sector reform, and corrections in the Arab region and the Islamic World will be issued by the Center and made available online.
It will include:

  • An overview of lately published research in the field;
  • Recent innovations and technologies in law enforcement, policing and corrections; and
  • Relevant local, regional and international events.
The publications will also comprise articles on SSR, Counter terrorism, and prisons, and research by AZM scholars and other experts in the field.


The AZM Center for Criminal Justice and Security Sector Reform will host local, regional and international meetings and conferences gathering professionals and academics in the field to discuss challenges to law enforcement and the criminal justice system.


The AZM Center for Criminal Justice and Security Sector Reform will offer specialized training for Law enforcement and security personnel, military officers, lawyers, correctional officers and criminal investigators on responding to particularly challenging situations and on acquiring skills in:

  • Conflict resolution,
  • Problem solving,
  • Negotiations,
  • Crime scene management and security,
  • Riot control,
  • Counter-terrorism,
  • Countering violent extremism, and
  • Corrections, rehabilitation and reintegration of former prisoners in society.
The Center will seek agreements and sign memorandums of understanding with various local and regional Law enforcement agencies, ministries of justice, interior, and defense; and with other research centers on criminal justice in the Arab and Islamic region. It will also develop cooperation with western universities and research institutes in the field.
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