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Mr. Robin Eid who joined Azm University in 2017 currently teaches "Pre and Post Production", "Editing for TV and News", "Media Theory" and "Directing Actors” as a PT instructor.

He is the founder and CEO of "Fruitree Revolution" LLC Beirut, and owner of "One Happy Cell" LTD STi Istanbul, he is first and foremost, a storyteller.
Creative director and film director for more than 15 years, he is passionate about his work, and fascinated by human nature.
That is the reason why he is a trainer, a university part time instructor, and why he gives workshops for refugees (women empowerment), young adults, and children with special needs. In 20 years of experience, he specialized in setting up creative departments, creating brands and maintaining them, and consulting for regional and international agencies, corporations and TV channels.
Result oriented and success driven, Robin F. Eid is a multi award winner on the local, regional, and global scene. Robin believes that excellence is made of honesty and hard work, creativity is the spark of playfulness and joy, and their combination is an explosion of love, life, and unconditional light.
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