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The mission of the Center for Continuing Education’ is to facilitate lifelong learning that transforms lives by mobilizing the collective educational resources and expertise of the University through innovative, non-traditional programs and services. The services of the Center for Continuing Education will also be open and made available to members of the community at large to facilitate and encourage learning in the community and provide continuous engagement opportunities for the community in the life of the University and its different offerings.


The Center for Continuing Education will be a recognized leader providing informal educational opportunities to Tripoli residents and members of North Lebanon communities in general to assist them in reaching their personal and professional goals.


  • Collaborate with governmental and non-governmental organizations in expanding life-long learning opportunities for career advancement and personal development
  • Deliver high-quality programs that meet the needs of North Lebanon communities, particularly in human resources development
  • Create and support excellence in educational and professional program services for life-long learning
  • Promote life-long learning for the realization of a learning community and for the enhancement of the community's quality of life

About The Center for Continuing Education

AZM University Center for Continuing Education will be a transformational learning community that serves to enhance the quality of life in the North Lebanon region. The Center offers non-credit programs and services tailored to the personal and professional education needs of North Lebanon residents. Its primary goal is to foster a passion for life-long learning, intellectual engagement, and respectful appreciation for perspectives of others. Lifelong learning is at the heart of the Center of Continuing Education and is reflected throughout its offerings and programs.

In order to meet the ongoing educational professional needs of the community, the Center shall offer programs and services in many educational and professional disciplines. These programs are accessible to any individual wishing to expand their intellectual horizons and gain skills relevant to a changing and innovative workforce. They provide an opportunity for non-traditional students to access AZM University and provide the University with the opportunity to get involved with the community it serves. Awareness of and involvement in our community keeps us open, responsive, and responsible.
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