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  • Organize innovation and entrepreneurship-related events, such as seminars, workshops, conferences on campus targeting Azm university students and the community at large
  • Facilitate specialized training courses about innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and other soft/business skills
  • Conduct awareness seminars about innovation and entrepreneurship at local high schools and educational centers
  • Run internal student entrepreneur competitions at Azm university
  • Manage the activities related to the participation of Azm university students in local and national business idea competitions such as Hult Prize challenge and the AUF DEEL university competition
  • Support students to get the “National Student Entrepreneur Status” a certificate issued by the Lebanese ministry of Education and Higher Education, through the AUF DEEL program
  • Guide students through their internship programs at local incubator/accelerators or co-working spaces
  • Provide coaching and mentorship to students who want to become entrepreneurs
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with other stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Lebanon and abroad
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