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Azm University in Tripoli, Lebanon, announces the launching of its Center for Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages called HATTA, where learners can acquire skills in colloquial and modern standard Arabic at the competency level that suits each: beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

The levels are based on the European Framework for Language Teaching (CECRL), namely in using communicative interactive teaching and learning methods. A Certificate of Achievement is issued to learners by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences after successfully completing each module.


Intensive one, two, or three months courses depending on learners’ competence and need. Summer sessions, and tailor-made courses for journalists, diplomats and others are also available.

Sample weekly schedule:

Each course is taught over 64 hours in 4 weeks, 16 hours per week, 4 hours daily. Three afternoons per week, learners will be guided through culture walks within Tripoli , and once a month, a day trip outside Tripoli is organized.

Language lab:

Two hours per week

Application by email to: or

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