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CMA Part 2

Financial Statement Analysis & Corporate Finance

Principal financial statements and their purposes; limitations of financial statement information; interpretation and analysis of financial statements including ratio analysis and comparative analysis; market value vs. book value; fair value accounting; international issues; major differences between IFRS and U.S. GAAP; off-balance sheet financing; Cash Flow Statement preparation, analysis, and reconciliation; and earnings quality.
Types of risk; measures of risk; portfolio management; options and futures; capital instruments for long-term financing; dividend policy; factors influencing the optimum capital structure; cost of capital; raising capital; managing and financing working capital; mergers and acquisitions; and international finance.

Topics to be covered (October 22 - January 28, 201x); Volume 1: Section A & B

Topics to be covered (February 4 - June 3, 201x); Volume 2: Section C to F

A Financial Calculator is required; we recommend “Texas Instruments BA II Plus, Financial Calculator”
The intake fees for each volume of CMA Part 2 is $199 including lecture notes.
Application forms are available at the office of the director of CEC, Dr. Randa Charafeddine.
Payments are made at the accounting office of the Azm Educational Center (AEC), Mrs. Darine Annous.
For more information Please contact:
Dr. Randa Sharafeddine: +96171768085
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