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Program Overview

Architecture is a field of science and technology and of art. Architecture education combines knowledge-based professional material and artistic understanding and expression skills. An architect must be able to see problems from many different directions, which is the reason for the broad-based nature of the degree in architecture. The current nature of ARCHIDES education develops the student's scientific and artistic thinking relating to the construction of a socially responsible and sustainable future.


Accreditation by NAAB is set as an objective right at the inception of the program at ARCHIDES. This is informing the articulation of objectives/course learning outcomes within the curriculum. ACSA membership is to tap on valuable tips onto conference events and NAAB accreditation process.

Program Outcomes

  • Employ research, analysis and problem-solving skills to address unique and fluctuating conditions of design.
  • Demonstrate an ability to creatively utilize and integrate innovative materials and cutting edge building technology in architectural design and practice answering to site conditions, social challenges, and environmental control systems into a comprehensive building design proposal.
  • Employ traditional means of representation, computer-aided design, digital and physical modeling and fabrication to develop and communicate design.
  • Build an array of technical and organizational skills that allow graduates to conceive and manage complex architectural and interior design projects, during all stages of the building process –briefing, design, construction, reception and management.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work collaboratively with teams of project managers and various interdisciplinary design teams involved in the building and construction industry.
  • Master an integrated approach to the built environment taking into consideration diversity of needs, social patterns, as well as environmental, cultural, technological, and urban factors.
  • Demonstrate strong oral, relational and written communication skills that allow graduates to manage efficiently team working conditions and defend publicly their proposals.


The BArch undergraduate program is intended for students seeking a professional career in architecture. The program entails a minimum of five years of university studies plus professional trainings.
The curriculum is designed to offer a unique learning experience for each of its students through the application of the differentiated learning that informs the structure of the curriculum and its related set of electives. The curriculum is devised into a creative and flexible structure, the whole-mark of which is five main study areas, namely: Design, Engineering, History &Theory, Computation Design & Fabrication, and Material Science & Technology. Through a rich set of electives in the different axes, the structure of the curriculum enables the students to graduate with different specialized inclinations. Four summer internships are designed to foster the necessary professional practice integration in the curriculum.

Degree Requirements

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