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Dean’s message

Dear Colleagues, students and staff,

I humbly address myself to you as the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, pledging my solemn promise to work closely with all of you assiduously, in all transparency and good faith, in order to overcome the challenges and obstacles lying ahead. I shall truly give it my all and expect all others to follow suit. I shall not demand from any of you what I do not expect of myself.

As privileged members of this institution, we should proclaim our sincere determination to keep pushing forward in our quest to move AZM University to the next level, a task that can only be accomplished if we work together in unison, as a dedicated team with a clear and noble mission.

The job ahead is cut out for us all. Let us build on what you have already diligently accomplished and bring about the required, agreed upon changes to meet the ardent demands of these current difficult times. Together, we shall plan, implement and willingly, make it happen.

Dr. Nazih El-Jor
Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration

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