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International Compliance Association Diplomas (ICA/ICT)

An Agreement to Provide Education and Training in the Field of Regulatory and Financial Crime Compliance between:
AZM University;
International Compliance Association; and
International Compliance Training;

Dip GRC:

The challenges compliance professionals face mean it is vital to have the right knowledge and skills. The ICA International Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance will teach you all you need to know to approach your role with confidence. Understand the threat and mitigate the risk with the ICA Diploma.

Dip AML:

The challenge of managing transnational and international AML risks is one that demands an internationally ‘joined up’ approach and a common understanding of emerging trends. The ICA International Diploma in Anti Money Laundering helps you develop best practice initiatives and prepares you to face present and future challenges, reducing risk. Understand the threat and mitigate the risk with the ICA Diploma.

Dip FCP:

Financial crime is a key threat for industry and regulatory authorities alike. Having knowledgeable, fully trained staff who understand the risks and how they can be managed is essential. The ICA Diplomas in Financial Crime Prevention increase awareness amongst individuals and help prevent fraud, protecting firms. Understand the threat and mitigate the risk with the ICA Diploma.

Benefits of ICA qualifications:

  • You’ll be armed with both practical and academic skills to ensure that you are excelling in your role
  • If you want to progress your career, a globally recognized ICA qualification will speak volumes to prospective employers. You will be showcasing your commitment to ongoing learning, your desire to progress your career and subject knowledge further as well as showing your overall commitment to your chosen career path
  • Many of our students have said that they received a promotion or were able to move to a higher paid job as a direct result of gaining their qualification
  • ICA qualifications are centered around risk mitigation meaning that you can develop strategies to help reduce reputational, financial and criminal risk at your firm
  • Learning and ongoing development is vital for long-term career happiness in a demanding role

As this qualification is awarded in association with Alliance Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester you can be rest assured that you are studying for a worthwhile, accredited course.

Please return your completed enrolment form to:
AZM University
Continuing Education Center (CEC)
Fouad Chehab Boulevard
Tripoli, Lebanon
For more information contact:
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