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International Compliance Diploma (ICA/ICT)

An Agreement to Provide Education and Training in the Field of Regulatory and Financial Crime Compliance between:
AZM University;
International Compliance Association; and
International Compliance Training;

The International Compliance Association

(ICA) is a global professional membership and awarding body. It is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in anti-money laundering, legal and regulatory compliance, financial crime prevention and the management of regulatory risk through certificated qualifications and knowledge transfer. Working within a variety of sectors, ICA helps individuals, firms, regulatory and government institutions, across a range of geographical jurisdictions and industry sectors to develop best practice in the management of risk.

Registration and Fees: TBA

All ICA Diplomas and certificated education programs are offered in association with the University of Manchester Business School.

The International Compliance Training

(ICT) provides professional training, training materials and associated learning platforms addressing the topics of financial crime compliance and regulatory compliance which services the needs of a variety of sectors and jurisdictions across the globe. These services are provided to individuals whether studying on a public, in-house or distance learning basis and are undertaken by individuals in order to be assessed and awarded certification by the International Compliance Association, ICA.

ICA appoints AZM University

To collaborate to market, promote and deliver the training leading up to the award of ICA International Certificates and qualifications in the Lebanon.
For the following Diplomas and Certificate:

ICA appoints AZM University

To be its exclusive approved face to face training provider, in the Lebanon, suitable and compliant with the requirements of Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester Business School and the ICA.
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