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Urbanism and the Future of Cities

Urbanism and the Future of Cities


Ms. Lamice Halaby:
With a background in Political Studies from the American University of Beirut and a specific study in Counter Terrorism at Stanford University, Lamice Halaby undertaken research work at Gensler (firm ranked number one in the US for architecture and urban planning for a number of years in a raw) looking into market assessment of emerging African Nations. Previously, she worked as a documentary film-making at Children of Immigrants, LA where she directed and produced a film on third-culture American children who do not belong to their parents’ culture nor to the communities they grew up in. She also worked on a narrative that tells the story of children lost in the rhetoric of immigration and displacement.
Recently, she has received a Master’s Degree in Design of Cities from Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc).
Her talk at ARCHIDES is a reflection on Urbanism and the future of cities based on a perspective that is interdisciplinary and that remains relatively alien to Architecture as a Discipline.

by Lamice Halaby
R103 at 5:00pm
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