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Rules and Regulations

Freshman Admission

Students completing 12 years of schooling and doing one of the following programs: High School Program, AP program, IGCSE (O Levels), IB certificate or any other school leaving certificate (other than Lebanese Baccalaureate) can apply to the freshman program at AZM University.
The freshman program is a major-less year (2 regular semesters) whereby the student can take different courses and follow either a scientific track or a track in humanities. Once the student completes the freshman year, he/she gets to enroll in a specific major at the sophomore level based in his/her average or GPA.


  • Lebanese students who have completed their studies in Lebanon are not entitled to apply to the freshman program.
  • Lebanese students who studied outside Lebanon (for at least 3 years) are allowed to apply to the freshman program.
  • Lebanese students’ holding another nationality that have completed their studies in Lebanon or abroad are eligible to apply to the freshman program.
  • Non-Lebanese students who have completed their studies in Lebanon or abroad are eligible to apply to the freshman program.
Eligible Lebanese students applying for the freshman program must obtain “permission” (السماح بمتابعة الدراسة حسب المنهاج الأجنبي) from the MEHE prior to enrollment.
The freshman program requires completion of 30 credits, whether or not the student remains in the Faculty or shifts to another faculty. After that, Lebanese students need to apply and acquire equivalence (معادلة) from the MEHE in order to move to the sophomore class. For more info concerning the above, please refer to the Ministry’s website:

Sophomore Admission

Applicants holding the Lebanese Baccalaureate Part II or the French Baccalaureate may apply to the Sophomore class in the three Faculties.
Applicants holding the International Baccalaureate Diploma, the German Abitur or the GCE in the required subjects (a minimum of 5 different subjects at least two of which are at the advanced level (or its equivalent), not including Arabic) may also apply to sophomore classes.

The English Language Proficiency Requirement (ELPR)

The English Language Program (ELP) at Azm University offers students of all levels of language proficiency the opportunity to develop their English language communicative skills. It is designed to provide learners with extensive opportunities to build their communication skills through putting what they learn into actual use. It constitutes four language levels that are tailored to help leaners consolidate their language acquisition and systematically develop their language fluency.

All students must demonstrate prior to enrollment, a level of English proficiency given that the language of instruction in all programs is English. The minimum score for each of the acceptable tests as follows:

English proficiency
Students who successfully gained one of these scores are exempted from AZM University English Language Exam. Otherwise, applicants will have to sit for the AZM University English Language Exam

Entrance Exam (Architecture program only)

As per the MEHE regulations, applicants to the Architecture program are required to abide by the following:
  • Holders of the Lebanese Baccalaureate in Sociology and Economics and holders of Lebanese Technical Baccalaureate are required to take remedial courses in Math and Physics (6-9 credits).
  • Holders of the Lebanese Baccalaureate in General Sciences and Life Sciences must sit for an entrance exam in Math and Physics to assess their level. Depending on the exam results, students may either be waived from or requested to take either one or both of Math and Physics remedial courses.

Types of Admissions

The University offers two admission types for undergraduate students

Early Admission

For applicants seeking to register in the Fall semester should complete their applications by April 2018.

Regular Admission

Regular admission applicants can choose to apply to either the Fall semester or the Spring semester.

Application Requirement and Procedure

Undergraduate students need to complete the application form and submit to the Admission Office the following documents:

Application Requirements
Admission application
Certified photocopy of the Lebanese Secondary School Certificate ( or its equivalent)
Photocopy of identity card or passport
Single civil status record
Family civil status record
NSSF or private insurance certificate
3 recent passport-size color photos
University Transcripts/ Course description (in case of transfer. Grades must be stamped and sealed
High school grades (Last three years)- Grades must be stamped and sealed
A non-refundable application fee of $100
Statement of residency
Judicial record
Documents must be original and remain the property of Azm University whether the student is accepted or rejected.

Deferred Enrollment

Students who are offered admission for the Fall semester and would like to defer their acceptance till Spring semester of the same academic year, pending availability of places, may apply for deferral by submitting a petition at the Admissions Office.
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