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We would like to welcome Ms. Hana Othman, our new full-time lecturer at the Jamal Abed Faculty of Architecture. Ms. Othman first joined  as a part-time faculty member during the academic year 2022-23, and we are delighted that she has now signed up as a full timer.

Hana’s professional conduct, coupled with her approachability, exuberant enthusiasm, and youthful energy, creates a supportive and nurturing learning environment. Moreover, her dedication to personal and professional growth is evident through her strong leadership abilities, social skills, and effective communication, which she has honed through her active participation in various humanitarian service and volunteer organizations and associations.  

Ms. Othman  is an essential asset to our institution. We are confident in her qualifications and exceptional dedication to the field of architecture education, as well as her allegiance to JAFA and the university as a whole. 

What distinguishes Ms. Othman  is her notable versatility in teaching a diverse range of courses across various architecture-related tracks, including Design, Visual Communication, Computation, and Theory. Her capacity to deliver engaging and comprehensive lectures, combined with her commitment to enhancing the educational experience for students through a hands-on teaching approach, has consistently led to high praise from both students and colleagues. Furthermore, Ms. Othman’s unwavering commitment to adhering to accreditation standards and developing courses that meet rigorous academic criteria is truly commendable. 

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