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Meet Ali Khodr

Lebanese Brazilian Ali Khodr, film artist and visual arts researcher, has joined Azm University as a full-time instructor in the Faculty of Journalism and Media Communication. The co-founder of Base-Film, a collaborative platform for audiovisual production, Mr. Khodr completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Brazil in 2007 graduating with honor. His major emphasis was in drawing and video art. In 2008 he pursued his Masters in Visual Arts at the University of Strasbourg, France where he developed research in video performance and experimental cinema. Ali Khodr is in the process of completing his doctoral research aimed to explore the emerging phenomena intrinsic to the construction of visual poetics facing the notion of eventuality in artistic work at the University of Strasbourg and Jules Verne Piccardy University.

Mr. Khodr exhibited consistently since 2003, both individually and collectively. His exhibitions can be found in several capitals of contemporary culture such as Berlin, London, Paris, Luxembourg, Lisbon, São Paulo and Porto Alegre. The “Blank Berlin” film at ZKU - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik in Germany and “Le Concile des Spectres” at Commanderie des Templiers in France are among several projects performed during the artistic residency programs. He has also delivered artworks that are part of public collection at MAC-RS, the Contemporary Art Museum in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Mr. Khodr is the holder of several awards, including for Best Short Film award for the film “A CASA by Camila Leichter” as co-director. He earned a distinction by the organization of the Itaú Cultural Institute as one of the artists belonging to the Panorama of Visual Arts in Brazil.

Azm University welcomes this very accomplished cineaste and researcher to its faculty.
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