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Meet media instructor and lab surpervisor Ghassan Abdul Karim El Khouja, 42, who joined Azm University last year in the Faculty of Journalism and Media Communication.
“I was very pleased to have Ghassan join us at Azm, as I have known him professionally for a number of years,” says Ramez Maluf, dean of the faculty. “I was always impressed by his commitment to education and his attention to detail.”
Mr. El Khouja has a diploma in directing for cinema from the Institute for the Performing Arts (IPA) and a master’s degree in Filmmaking from the Lebanese Film Academy (LFA). He is an independent filmmaker and have produced and directed a number of short films, documentaries, and promotional films.
Mr. El Khouja comes to Azm following a five-year stint as an instructor at both Balamand University and Al Jinan University.
“ At Azm I’m enjoying the experience of teaching as I have always, because I believe that having good producers, directors, scriptwriters and media professionals is a huge social responsibility”.

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