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Meet Mr. Samir Youssef

Meet Mr. Samir Youssef, who has joined the Faculty of Arts and Sciences this year in the Department of Journalism and Media Communication.
Mr.Youssef is best known as the producer, and often presenter, of one of Lebanon's most recognizable TV show, "Atel 3an al 7uriya" or “Deprived of Freedom,” broadcast on Murr TV.
His program offers audiences the opportunity to delve into the situations that led to a particular crime and to visit prisoners, both men and women, in their cells in the prisons of Baabda, Roumieh, and others.
The stories of victims and prisoners are told directly by the protagonists and in re-enacted versions as part of true-to-fact documentaries.
Mr. Youssef interviews the prisoners, exploring their childhood, adolescence, disappointments, successes, criminal history and court trials. Judges, jurists, security officials, psychologists, and social workers, are all invited to give their opinions regarding the prisoners’ cases.
His intent, he says, is to show the human in the criminal, without disregarding the hurt he or she caused to the victims of their crimes.
Samir Youssef has a master' s degree in Journalism from the Lebanese University, as well as a master's degree in Acting and Directing also from the Lebanese University - Academy of Fine Arts.
Mr. Youssef has directed a number of biographical documentaries including those on the writer Rafik Khoury , and on satirical poet and writer Omar el Ze’nni. He has also directed the short film “Ticket 3a 7seb el jiran” selected for the 13th European film festival.
Acting Dean of Arts & Sciences, Dr. Ramez Maluf, said the Department of Journalism and Media “was absolutely delighted to have Mr. Youssef among its instructors.” Mr. Youssef’s program, he continued, “is a compendium, from A to Z, in all that television production means, and the opportunity his course will offer students is extremely significant.”

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