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5 Reasons to study at Azm University

1) Our faculty members are recognized in their respective specializations, offering our students a competent, innovative and effective preparation for the employment market.

2) Azm University is currently implementing a very rigid quality assurance philosophy that dictates course development and programs as we progress towards obtaining European accreditation.

3) We cultivate an environment that encourages free speech and critical thinking, that helps widen the intellectual horizon, and that promotes ambition and civic sense among our students.

4) Azm is the only university in Lebanon to provide merit scholarships to all its entering students. All entering students last year benefitted from merit scholarships ranging from 55% to 100% of tuition.

5) The larger number of our graduates have moved forward, by obtaining meaningful employment or by securing scholarships to continue their studies locally or abroad. Recent alumni received scholarships to pursue degrees in the United States, Spain, Turkey and Qatar.
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