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Azm Only Official IDP IELTS Testing Venue in North Lebanon


Azm University and IDP International English Language Testing System Lebanon signed a partnership agreement on January 12 2023 authorizing the University to be the only official testing center for the IELTS in the North of Lebanon. IELTS Lebanon is managed by IDP ILETS Australia. 

 ILETS will now officially be conducted on Azm University’s campus starting March 2023.

Dr. Ramez Maluf, President of the University, and Randy Santiago, IELTS test center Administrator, officially agreed and signed the contract in the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, Dr. Nazih El Jor, Head of Development and Admissions, Ms. Ismat Accad and IELTS Public Relations and Marketing Officer, Ms. Hanan Al Mokdad. Apart from being the only testing center in the North for IELTS by IDP, Azm University now welcomes all candidates to register for the exam at the University’s Admissions Office. 

 IELTS assesses English language proficiency for non-native speakers, and it is internationally recognized by universities, governmental and non-governmental institutions around the world. 

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