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Pharmacists Attended Azm University to Complete Their Required Sessions

A Memorandum of understanding was signed last month between Azm University and the Order of Pharmacists of Lebanon whereby Azm university was the venue for the pharmacist for completing their required sessions. Through this agreement they have agreed to develop and expand the cooperation between them. Azm University is fulfilling its mission of providing high quality education, and drive to play a constructive role within its community. The OPL is fulfilling its engagement to provide pharmacist in northern Lebanon with the opportunity to meet their mandatory requirements of educational credits with high quality training through a reputable higher education institution. This Memorandum of understanding was signed by Dr Ramez Maluf, president of Azm University and Dr Abdul Rahman Merkbawi on behalf of Dr Joe Salloum president of OPL, in the presence of Dr. Ayman Alameddine, Dr. Mohamad Shamsin, Dr. Nazih Al Jor, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, and Dr. Randa Charafeddine
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