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MOU between Azm University and Dar el Elm w Olama

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A memorandum of understanding between Al-Azm University and Dar elm Olma was signed by the president of the university, Dr Ramez Maalouf and chairman of the board of Directors Dr Abdul Razzak Al-Korhani, in the presence of the president of the organization “Wahat al Elm” Mr Mokbel Malak, and head of admission and development of the university Mrs. Ismat Accad and member of the board of directors Dar elm Olama Mr Marwan Chendeb. The agreement instructed to organize scientific, training and educational seminars through the cognitive academy for studies, empowerment and training, and exchange of experiences on the basis of constant cooperation and coordination, as well as the exchange of books, prints, scientific courses and abstracts by the teams. The results of researches of common interest, making it easier for the researchers to utilize the scientific facilities they have.

Such agreement helps people moving across borders for educational,professional and cultural purposes.This agreement helps students and staff to have exposure and attend workshops about day to day issues and topics in the region.

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