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Ambassadors Roundtable

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This year has seen the return of Azm University’s Ambassadors Roundtable series of discussions.  The series brings together selected representatives from local government, business, and academic communities for intimate exchanges with ambassadors from countries which Lebanon has shared economic, political and cultural interests.
 In December the university welcomed H.E. Ambassador Ali Barış Ulusoy of Turkey, a diplomat who has held numerous diplomatic appointments.  He spoke broadly, and in detail, on nearly every feature of Turkish-Lebanese relations.
 In January H.E. Ambassador Qian Minjian of China was the guest of honor at the Ambassadors Roundtable.  He spoke at on China’s geopolitical strategic position in the world, and on the development strategies that led to its quick rise in becoming the world’s second largest economy.
 The series Ambassadors Roundtable series continued in March with the Jordanian Ambassador Walid Al Hadid.
Where he got the opportunity to discuss historical, political, cultural and humanitarian issues. Selected guests were invited to take part in an exchanged of questions and answers regarding topics that were raised during the event.

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