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ARCHIDES in a workshop led by the University of Sheffield, UK

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An International Design Charrette- a design workshop organized and led by the Landscape Department at Sheffield University- was held in Beirut Digital District between 11 & 12 September, with the participation of 4 universities, namely: American University of Beirut, Azm University, Lebanese American University and the Lebanese University, in addition to the team from Sheffield University. ARCHIDES was represented by the Senior Lecturer Hala Abi Haydar and five senior students.
Six competing teams were formed of the different participating universities to address the interface between the B.D.D and its surrounding neighborhood.
The workshop was geared towards inspecting the condition of the B.D.D and Bashoura neighboring site through a variety of lenses and themes defined as follows: 8 to 88, Memories &Dreams, Curating the Cracks, Theatre of Everyday, Being Human and 3 Degrees Cooler.
The workshop included a guided tour visit to the neighboring site and B.D.D, lectures on the history of Beirut focusing on Bashoura & the B.D.D all along with brief presentations by the workshop organizers on similar case studies and landscape design proposals.
By the end of the two-day workshop, the participating teams presented their proposals in front of jury members who commanded the great input of the design proposals.

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