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Getting Ready for the Second Annual Art Fair at Azm


Azm University will again be organizing an Art Fair this academic year, a sequel to its very successful fair this past summer.  With over 40 participating artists from across Lebanon, the open-air fair last May attracted large crowds over its two-day period in an event described by Maha Jammas, one of the exhibiting artists, as a cultural and social landmark in the city.

According to the organizer of the fair, University president Ramez Maluf,  the Art Fair was meant to provide artists with the opportunity to showcase their work to an audience that has few chances to visit museums or galleries.

“It worked both ways. It introduced artists to a new audience, and introduced this new audience to some amazing art work,” said Dr. Maluf.

The dates for the Second Annual Art Fair are May  25 to 27, 2023, again in the University garden. This year, in addition to exhibiting their works, a number of artists will be offering short lectures in a specially designated area of the fair.

The University is still accepting applications from artists and craftsmen interested in participating. If you are interested, please email Ms. Rania Mikati at

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