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Azm launches Center for Criminal Justice and Security Sector Reform

Azm University will launch in Fall 2020 its Center for Criminal Justice and Security Sector Reform that will offer opportunities for students and professionals to enhance their knowledge, expertise, and performance in their fields. The center will also work to develop scientific knowledge and academic research in judicial procedures and fair trials.

Azm University will also be offering a degree in criminology, a first in Lebanon, and the center will contribute to the program by focusing on research and analysis on a number of related topics including criminal investigations, court proceedings, prisons, rehabilitation, counter-terrorism, and law enforcement.

The center will organize conferences, seminars, lectures and panel discussions to showcase the most prominent research contributions in the field.

In this context, the AZM Center for Criminal Justice and Security Sector Reform will offer specialized training courses on the latest innovations in crime control, fair trial, modern penal policies and prison regulation. These courses will be presented by a number of experts, judges, former ministers and retired officers.

Dr. Omar Nashabe, who will be joining the university on a full-time basis in the Spring, will head both the criminology studies and the new center.
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