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Come build your future at the Faculty of Arts & Sciences!

The Faculty of Arts & Sciences offers you a friendly environment encouraging to learning. Our mission is to prepare you to join the Lebanese and regional markets with confidence.
You will find your experience at Azm University enriching and enjoyable.
Our new premises in 2018-2019 offer state-of-the art facilities.
Come see for yourself!
The Faculty has 5 Departments:

  • Education: offering a BA in Elementary Education
  • Media: offering a BA in Journalism and Media Communication
  • Sociology: offering a BA in Criminology
  • English: offering a BA in English Language
  • Chemistry: offering a BS degree in Chemistry

We are the only university in Lebanon offering a degree in Criminology!

Our welcoming professors and instructors are the best in their fields! Come visit us and see for yourself!


Ramez Maluf, PhD           

Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences

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