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Dedicating the fall semester to the popular uprising

Over the centuries, the main objective of universities has been to help their students pursue their desired careers and lead a fulfilling, respectable, and dignified life, and, as they pursue that objective, universities contribute to the cultural and material enrichment of their community.

In Lebanon, in the present unusual circumstances, no university can or should continue to carry on as if business remains as usual, impervious to the very significant developments outside its gates. What is happening is in fact a turning point in the history of our country. Today, our responsibility lies in recognizing the importance of the current popular uprising and in doing our best to contribute to it in a positive way. We want to enrich the university experience for our students, to deepen the debate around the issues with which we are all grappling. We want to do this in the spirit of free and open debate, devoid of any political bias, respecting our scholarly and academic credos, and cognizant of the fact that societal change is a long and protracted struggle.

Therefore, at AZM University we are dedicating the entire Fall 2019 semester to the Popular Uprising. Until the end of the semester, our university will be committed to making every course a possible forum for the discussion of democracy, the rule of law, human rights, citizenship, constitutional matters, Lebanese history, the sectarian system, and secularism. Whenever possible, our courses will incorporate a discussion of architecture and revolution, English language and human rights, Education and good governance, Business and ethics, and so forth. It will be incumbent on every instructor to recognize the importance of what is happening on the streets and squares of our country and relate to it in the classroom.

Starting Wednesday, November 13, AZM University students are organizing, on campus, a series of encounters with in various areas, from all political, and apolitical persuasions on a variety of subjects of relevance to the uprising. Then on Monday, November 18, classes will resume, following a meeting in each faculty where students and faculty will plan together the restructuring of the curriculum and the semester.

Ramez Maluf, PhD
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