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Fun and Valuable Business Faculty Retreat

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On June 15, the Dean of the Faculty of Business, Dr. Samer Nakhle, organized a magnificent getaway for business instructors in the picturesque reserve of Ehmej Cedars. The team was warmly welcomed by the internationally renowned trainers Ms. Aseel Honein and Mr. Andre Abi Awad, who quickly moved to create a professional and pleasant atmosphere.

The day started with a morning workshop exercise on problem solving. The exercise aimed at identifying challenges and problems faced by instructors and then trying to find solutions to address those challenges. The exercise was interactive, encouraging all participants to come up with new ideas and unique initiatives. The exercise was followed up with a refreshing morning breakfast.

The second session involved team interaction to build group spirit and to apply "Design Thinking" techniques for classroom teaching. Design thinking applied to teaching involved using innovative techniques to better motivate students and let them be more interested in the course. More interesting courses are known to reduce attrition and absenteeism rates among students. After the workshop, a delicious traditional lunch was served in a wilderness setting.

Once all of that was done, the faculty went on an exciting hiking trip to plant two trees in the name of AZM University. It was a stimulating day full of learning, hiking and team building.

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