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Learning English and Free Laptops

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On September 17, the Intensive English Language Program (IELP) invited its students to a gathering to introduce its new program and to reward eight of them with laptops for notable progress in their classes.
The meeting commenced with a welcome speech by AZM President Ramez Maluf, who voiced the aspirations of the University to expand its reach from the local to the global and stressed on the universal importance of learning English and developing as life-long learners.
The meeting proceeded with IELP Coordinator Marwan Kanj offering an introduction to the philosophy of language learning adopted by the program, followed by an explanation of its vison, mission and perspective. The components and the different characteristics of the program were also clearly explained. Students, Mr. Kanj said, could see the advantages that they have in attending the IELP program especially with regards to the caliber of instructors, the syllabi and material used, the class cap, which basically stops at 18 students per class, the one-to-one program, and the multifaceted support students receive out of class to enhance their English communication skills. The presentation also emphasized the student-centered approach applied by AZM instructors, the priority given to holistic learning, and the necessity of student engagement.
Moreover, the IELP students were very happy to see their colleagues who had shown outstanding progress in their English language acquisition receive their respective gifts of laptops. Students of this current Fall semester are already stirred up to show notable progress in their English language learning and win more laptops. The laptops, said Mr. Kanj, serve as an attempt to motivate learners to work harder; “more so, it is IELP’s way to show that we genuinely care.”

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