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Our students make us proud!

We are glad to announce that Doua Sebahy, Omar Khaled and Issam Raad, three graduates of Azm University have been granted full master's scholarships in sustainability leadership, media and cultural studies and bio digital architecture in top universities. We are grateful to our students for their hard work and amazing achievements!

Azm university is always ready to support these exceptional students throughout this phase of their academic careers. Very warm congratulations to all!

Doua Sebahy:

“Azm University was one of the most important stops in my life. Not only it has equipped me academically, but also on a professional and social level. My instructors mentored me throughout the three years with all the respect and attention needed. Our educational community made me more confident and comfortable to venture. Today, after being granted a full scholarship to study a master's degree at Arizona State University, I can't but thank my university for always supporting me and having my back.”

Omar Khaled:

"My time at Azm University was one of the greatest experiences of my life in terms of education and skill acquisition. Not only did it educate me, but it also helped me build my personality and form many valuable friendships and relationships that opened many doors for me and supported me in the pursuit of my graduate studies. It is worth mentioning that I owe my admission into The Doha Institute For Graduate Studies to the tireless support from my professors and supervisors at Azm University.”

Issam Raad:

"I was recently accepted to pursue my master's degree in Biodigital Architecture at UIC, Barcelona. My five years of architectural design at Azm University helped me create my own identity and discover what my heart really wants to seek and change. I appreciate the efforts of the Dean and my professors for helping me getting there, I can’t thank you enough!"
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