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Azm University Fall 2021: It’s time to return!

Learn about your return to campus by September 13.

Students!! We miss you and we can’t wait to see you back on campus in a few weeks!

While our ultimate goal is to return our community to campus, we will be doing this progressively as circumstances allow it.
We have taken necessary measures to protect the health of our students and staff.

Azm University has developed a hybrid academic policy through which it will carefully safeguard the health of our students and provide the best in-person learning opportunity. We are devoted to creating a community where students learn and become outstanding in their field. Our hybrid decision will give you the opportunity to connect with your faculty and mentors and to explore research and leadership.

Therefore, for the time being classes will be mostly online, and sessions will be recorded. However, each course will meet between 3 to 4 weeks on campus.
The first day of classes, or the first two days, student will have to attend sessions in the auditorium explaining how the semester will unfold. Attendance is required.

A few reminders you need to abide by:

Students returning to campus must follow certain community standards, such as wearing their masks at all times on campus and having their temperature taken at the entrance regardless of their vaccination status.

These guidelines will be monitored by staff and deans to ensure that policies are being implemented.

For those who haven’t submitted their applications for admission yet, apply today! The sooner you apply and enroll, the more options you have to find courses that meet your educational goals and work with your schedule. The admission application is quick and easy, and our team members will walk you through the enrollment process.

See you soon!
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