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Roadmap to Remote Fresh Dollar Jobs

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Azm University, in collaboration with the NGO Jobs for Lebanon (JFL), organized a one-of-a-kind seminar titled ROADMAP TO REMOTE FRESH-DOLLAR JOBS, which was held on August 10, 2022 in the Azm University auditorium. The seminar consisted of a very informative and interactive panel discussion moderated by Mr. Hani Mawlawi, director of the Azm University Entrepreneurship Center, and hosted two outstanding guest speakers from JobsForLebanon, namely Ms. Neal El-Jor, Executive Director & Co-Founder, and Mr, Tarek Halawi, Regional Growth Ambassador.

The panel discussion showed, while highly engaging the audience, the steps required for jobs seekers to find a suitable job, starting by identifying their career paths, developing their career plans, upskilling their profiles through various soft and hard skills training needed, and then searching for the applicable jobs through JFL online platform and receiving some related tips for their job search, interviewing and salary negotiating. The seminar ended with a rich and active Q&A session, followed by honoring the guest speakers with trophies as token of appreciation from Azm University.

At the beginning, Dr. Nazih El-Jor, dean of the faculty of Business Administration at Azm University, welcomed the relatively large (160+) and versatile audience from various local universities and companies and highlighted the importance of quality of education at Azm University, a university for every qualified candidate without exception and a university that proudly provides its graduates degrees that allow them to either continue their graduate studies in reputable local and international universities or find appropriate jobs in the local or global market.

Then, Mr. Mawlawi started the discussion by illustrating the challenges faced by qualified youth in Lebanon to start their careers or find better jobs. Ms. El-Jor showed the importance of career plans for every job candidates and actually shared how to create a career plan including the 10 tips to achieve career goals. Also, Ms. El-Jor went through a practical worksheet showing career path options with a student volunteer from the audience, who tried to fill the various worksheet elements using her case as an example. After that, Ms. El-Jor explained about the career path program JFL is offering, in collaboration with other organizations, such as Unicef, Nawaya network, Zaka, and Global Mentoring Initiative GMI) and others. Through this program, JFL empower jobs candidates with employability coaching, soft and hard skills training, and job profile upskilling. One of the Azm University students who went through the GMI program gave a testimonial on how it helped her develop her career path and enhance her CV and cover letter for a specific job opportunity she was applying for.

Now once job seekers know what type of jobs they are looking for, and they have upskilled their profile, how can JFL help them find an appropriate job? This question was answered by Mr. Halawi, who made a live demo of the Jobs for Lebanon platform and showed how job candidates can build their profiles and search for jobs, taking advantage of an advanced filtering system to help them choose the type of jobs (e.g. part-time/full-time, contract, remote, location, industry, etc.) they want. Mr. Halawi also showed important tips on how job candidates should tailor their profiles according to the jobs they are applying for and ensure to use the right keywords and include the skills they have matching the job description.
This is extremely important as typically only job applications with high match scores will be considered by job employers. Mr. Halawi also explained how job candidates can follow up on their applications using the JFL platform.

Following the demo, a recap was made showing the recommended roadmap for job seekers to get remote fresh-dollar jobs and how can entrepreneurs/freelancers also benefit from the JFL programs and platform. At the end, during the Q&A section, some specific and typical career issues were discussed with high engagement from the audience, who showed a high level of excitement and enthusiasm about the topics discussed during the seminar.

For more information, you may want to watch the related video that was broadcasted live during the event through this link:

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