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Azm University Mourns the Passing of its Former Dean of Business


Dr. Samer Francois Nakhle, who served as Dean of the Faculty of Business from August 2017 to July 2021, passed away on Thursday, January 20, after a battle with lymphoma cancer.  He was 45. His loss is mourned by all of the University community. 

Dr. Nakhle left an indelible impression on all he came into contact with, including the thousands of students and many colleagues at various universities.     

I received the news with great sadness. Dr. Nakhle was a kind, brilliant lecturer, very much concerned in widening the horizons of his students. He left us too soon,” said President Ramez Maluf.   
Dr. Samer Nakhle was a dynamic and kind person, who was always helping and inspiring others. He uplifted everyone around him because he was full of positive energy. He transformed the Faculty of Business and made it the leader in the north. He was well known internationally and was greatly respected around the world. Lebanon has lost a great man,” said Dr. Sam Nemer, assistant professor of Business.     
As the Dean of the Faculty of Business, his legacy reached beyond the classroom.  Concerned that Azm students should have the opportunity to visit and engage with their peers in other countries, he arranged for a number of exchange programs that provided them with the opportunity to do. This year, as a result of a program organized by Dr. Nakhle, two Business students will be spending a semester at ISMA University of Latvia.  
Dr. Nakhle held a Ph.D. in International Human Resource Management from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, where he was often invited to offer seminars to graduate students. In Lebanon, Dr. Nakhle taught at the American University of Beirut, the University of Balamand, where he was director of the graduate program, and at Azm University.      
Azm University extends its condolences to Dr. Nakhle’s wife, Rana Najib and children Yara, Ivan and Tamara, may he rest in peace.

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