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TBIC coaches and coordinators attend workshop at Azm University

On Saturday February 17th and with the participation of TBIC Fund Manager, Mr. Karim Sourissy, ARCHIDES’ Dean Jamal Abed led a workshop on Design Thinking to better prepare coaches and coordinators from universities in the North in undertaking this year’s Theemar Business Idea Competition (TBIC).

Participants from the following 10 universities attended the workshop: the Lebanese University, University of Balamand, Beirut Arab University, CNAM, Jinan University, Lebanese International University, Université Libano-Française, Al-Manar University, Université Saint-Joseph, and Azm University.

Former Minister of Economy H.E. Nicholas Nahas was also present during the workshop and addressed the audience highlighting the important role that universities should play in job creation, rather than producing graduates that are fit for the present job market and the way TBIC is oriented towards supporting this role.
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