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First Annual Art Fair at Azm University

On its 1st Annual Art Fair, and for two consecutive days, Azm University welcomed hundreds of visitors and exposed them to a unique cultural scene in the outdoors area of the campus. It was an opportunity to explore the transformative power of Artwork and its impact on our society.

Over two days, visitors were delighted and pleased with a full program that included musical interludes, entertainment and a food court all along the garden walkway. Everyone had the chance to meet up, mingle and get to know the inspirations behind the talent of each artist.

In a belief that Tripoli has the right to live liberally and to be recognized as a decent city that understands culture, believes in diversity, and supports awareness by building cultural bridges, Azm University took the initiative and launched a one-of-a-kind event that hosted people from different ages, cultural backgrounds and interests. The outdoor area was filled with a huge number of original works in watercolor, oil and gouache painting, collage, porcelain, leather, printmaking, sculpture, caricature, hand-made crafts and fiber art entirely designed, created and produced by artists from Lebanon.

The mission of the event was to increase public knowledge and appreciation for contemporary fine arts and fine crafts by creating opportunities that connect artists. Azm University brought together Lebanese artists offering artworks for sale. The artists’ participation contributed to the success of the 1st annual art fair and added an artistic substance that pleased every visitor. Sharing inspirations behind every art piece was indeed the essence of all the chatting between artists and their guests.

Participating artists were: Abir Rachwan, Adel Agha, Ahmad Makhzoum, Amar Nechabeh, Andre Kalfayan, Angie kalash, Alain Daoud, riad Santina, Rima Kebbeh, Rima Assi, Malda Baroudi, Catherina Plekhanova, Samia Dagher, Dina Naimi, Fida Mouri, Gabriella, Gada Jawad, Hamed Kabbara, Joracia Barakat, Faten Khalil, Maha Jammas, Mahad Khaled, Maral Manis, Mariam Roma, Maya Fares, Mostapha Obeid, Mumtza Hallak, Naem Kassem, Nora Eskidjian, Noubar Eskidjian, Omaya Jebran, Pascale Massoud, Pauline Bakhash, Maha Abou Chakra, Rajaa Dagher, Randa Khayrallah, Rania Ghalayini, Reem Salit, Sahar Mahfoud, Samar Zod, Wafaa Manafikhi, Yahya Bosh, Zeina Chebib, Mustapha Hamdi, Ghada Agha, Razan Baloukji, Neam Kassem, Rima Turkmani and a group of representative from Al Rahma Center.

Securing a positive media coverage was a main contributor to the positive feedbacks and reaction from all of those who attended or followed up virtually. It helped us reflect the real message behind this art fair and draw higher hopes for future success.

The event took place on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th of May from 5:00 till 9:00 and was sponsored by Peace of Art NGO, Classic Burger, Mashrou3 Ahwe, and Small Bites.

All participants were asked to donate 15% of their revenues for a scholarship fund, a practice that Azm University is adopting in some of its projects.
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