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Student's visit to the Training Center of MEA Company

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The students of the Faculty of Business Administration  visited  the Training & Development Center of MEA Company at Rafic Hariri International Airport as a part of their course entitled  "Business Law" delivered  by Dr.Nidal Chaaban .

The session was handled by  Captain Marwan Baff who  explained that this center is the first professional Airline Training Institute in the Middle East Region.

Its role is to train, inform and test, theoretically and practically, MEA Staff, and with Upper Management approval Non-MEA Staff, locally and abroad, by MEA and by Non-MEA Instructors on all Commercial, Technical and Managerial subjects, related directly and indirectly to MEA specifically and to Aviation in general.

In addition, the Center aims to qualify and license staff in certain Commercial and Technical area of specialization and to carry on research, studies or special assignments requested by any MEA Center on subjects related and/or associated with the various fields of training.

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