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Dedicated Research Centers

1- Science and Technology Center


The Mission of the Center for Science and Technology is to transform North Lebanon towards a city-class hub for latest technologies, technological innovations and discussions of technology related issues, providing facilities, services and a dynamic environment that enable young graduates to cultivate ideas, innovate and develop. Vision
The Vision of the Center for Science and Technology is to transform technological advancement and innovation into value creation that benefits Lebanon and the region.


  • Enable AZM University to serve as a voice in national science and technology policy issues
  • Serve as a national role model in innovative science and technology
  • Build a sustainable science and technology policy
  • Integrate faculty members skills and expertise for development and research
  • Identify and develop relationships with the community to learn about their needs and how to assist them
  • Achieve sufficient and stable funding (public and private funds) to conduct programs for the advancement of science, technology
  • Further improve the Center’s governance structure to support growth and guide its future direction

About The Science and Technology Center

To ensure the success of the center as a national innovation and technology focal, it is crucial that we contribute to our community and help inspire the next generation of graduates and technology entrepreneurs. To help foster a community interest in innovation, we will host a series of events throughout the year. We adopt a 'green' attitude towards the environment, the economy and our community, as well as a sustainable approach to all of our operations. In particular, we are committed to using and showcasing energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies to ensure that we deliver, as well as inspire, long-term change.
2- Marine and Environmental Studies Center


The Marine and Environmental Studies Center (MESC) leads both within the University and the public domain in education and research on the important linkages of land and water ecosystems in the coastal zone, and provides the knowledge needed to meet critical environmental challenges.


The vision of the Center is to provide the foundation for management decisions to protect, recover, restore, and sustain ecosystems and living marine resources in North Lebanon.


  • Educate the public about the environment, the scientific process, the value of ecosystems and environmental protection.
  • Enhance the conservation and management of coastal and marine resources to meet Lebanon’s economic, social, and environmental needs.
  • Create networks with environmental organizations (national and international), non-governmental organizations and universities.
  • Provide consultancy services to government and non-governmental organizations in environmental impact assessments.
  • Deliver proactive and preventive environmental education through organizing and sponsoring conferences, training, awareness campaigns, events and workshops.
  • Distribute articles and various publications on environmental education and environmental challenges.

About The Marine and Environmental Studies Center

Like other countries in the Mediterranean region, Lebanon faces major environmental challenges. These problems cannot be resolved solely by studying ecological, biogeochemical or social systems, but instead depend on interdisciplinary approaches. Hence, the Center promotes a general, interdisciplinary approach to the education of marine environment and to the conservation of marine and coastal zone resources. It provides better ways to communicate scientific knowledge to decision makers and the community, and train students and scientists who work at the interface between the environmental and social sciences. Students and faculty will be trained to address and resolve local environmental problems. The Center will provide services to both national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations in relation to these topics.
3- Entrepreneurship Center


The mission of the Center is to train AZM University students and the general public to drive positive, disruptive change to North Lebanon community by building accessible enterprises, through teaching leading edge entrepreneurial leadership, strategy, venture financing, and startup skills.


The vision of the Center is to be a national leader in entrepreneurship and innovation


  • Define entrepreneurial opportunities and understand why such opportunities exist
  • Connect theory with practice, in order to provide necessary resources in support of new venture creation and growth, both on campus and beyond
  • Understand and explain the new business road test
  • Explain why entrepreneurship can arise out of the intersection of innovative people, markets, industries, and trends
  • Justify why entrepreneurs need to showcase due persistence and understand trends before launching a new project
  • Identify the basic tools necessary to projection size of markets, industries, and market sectors
  • Define real customer needs and understand why an entrepreneur should seek to develop a product or service that meets an actual need
  • Describe how entrepreneurs can create patented advantages and barriers to entry for possible competitors

About The Entrepreneurship Center

AZM University Entrepreneurship Center is a new initiative to motivate and promote entrepreneurship and innovation in North Lebanon. The Center will contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the practice of entrepreneurship. The Center shall place students and North Lebanon community in contact with a selected number of businesses known for excellence in entrepreneurship and with appropriate research-based educational institutions in entrepreneurship and innovation.
AZM University Entrepreneurs will be selected from among undergraduate students moving into their junior year from business, media, arts and other majors if the students have demonstrated entrepreneurial passion and talents. All students will be encouraged to apply for the program during their study at the University and even after graduation.

A number of entrepreneurs will be affiliated with the Entrepreneurship Center. They provide both career and business mentoring for students, and often participate in entrepreneurship workshops. They are also a resource for research faculty looking to gain a practical perspective on the topics of their research.
4- Human Rights Center


AZM University Human Rights Center is committed to interdisciplinary excellence in the field of human rights. It promotes human rights as a core value of the university and engages productively with national and international organizations to advance respect for human rights. We are devoted to share best practices and knowledge related to human rights, democratic participation and socio-economic development.


The vision of the Center is to provide support for human rights activists, professionals and educators in order to envisage and promote a just and equitable society. We are committed to develop a diverse and inclusive community in North Lebanon


  • Promote respect and observance of human rights and democracy
  • Create networks with public interest and human rights organizations, non-governmental organizations, universities, relevant research institutions, religious associations and legal associations’ societies
  • Provide consultancy services to government and non-governmental organizations
  • Deliver proactive and preventative human rights education through organizing and sponsoring conferences, training, awareness campaigns, events and workshops
  • Distribute articles and various publications on legal education, society and human rights.

About The Human Rights Center

AZM University Human Rights Center assists human right advocates, students, instructors, practices, and networks to promote a culture of human rights and responsibility in our community. We seek partnerships with community organizations, individuals, students, stakeholders, and international organizations who are interested in supporting human rights. The Human Rights Center assists human rights through four primary activities:

A. Human Right and Education

Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the reinforcement of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. The Human rights Center will support our role in building social structures that support sharing democratic models and the resolving conflicts, and can provide a common understanding of how to address political and social differences equitably and celebrate cultural diversity.

B. Human Rights and Diversity

The Human Rights Center will also focus on main challenges and dilemmas related to human rights and diversity: equality and non-discrimination versus freedom and group autonomy; minority rights and majority-minority conflicts; contextual approaches to human rights analysis; and human rights protection versus traditional practices.

C. The Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

The Human Rights Center seeks to enhance the understanding of human trafficking in all of its dimensions and to develop specific recommendations to address global concerns to protect basic human dignity. In an effort to educate and promote awareness about human trafficking and modern slavery, the Center shall conduct academic teaching, workshops, seminars, conferences, connecting scholars, policymakers, and practitioners; and engaging anti-trafficking stakeholders and leaders globally.

D. The Sexuality, Gender and Human Rights

The Center shall use critical frameworks of sexuality and gender to examine the possibilities and limitations of human rights policy for women. The Center shall also seek to motivate the public in a vibrant political debate regarding the important relationships between sexuality, gender, and human rights. In particular, the Center shall work to raise the visibility of these issues and amplify the voices of women across the university campus and in the North Lebanon community.
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