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Hult Prize Ideation Workshop

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An Ideation Workshop for all participants of the 2023 Hult Prize Challenge was held at Azm University  to help them  develop the value proposition of their business idea and identify main problems they are trying to solve.

Held on December 29, the workshop was co-facilitated by Mr. Fadi Mikati, co-founder and president of Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club and Mr. Hani Mawlawi, Director of the Azm University Entrepreneurship Center and organized by the Hult Prize organization committee at Azm University. The workshop went through different stages of thinking, brainstorming and group exercises that motivated the participants, who worked in teams and started developing their business ideas. As a result, 5 different business ideas have appeared under the Redesigning Fashion theme, which is the theme of the 2023 Hult Prize Challenge. 

Based on the outcome of this workshop, all participating teams will have to clarify the problem statements and value propositions of their business ideas before moving on to build their business models, which is the subject of the next workshop. 

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