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Off Campus Activities

Azm University seeks to support events happening outside its premises, with impact in relation to the students’ extra-curricular activities. All activities that are not sponsored by the University shall be separated from the University’s arm.

On Campus Activities

Clubs Azm University students have the right to establish student clubs as part of their extracurricular activities. Students are expected to join a club by a deadline set by the Student Services Office, for a period of a semester. Students that enroll in the club before the deadline will be considered as voting members, while students enrolling after the deadline will be considered as participatory members, with no voting rights to nominate officers, or to attend cabinet meetings.
Student Representation The student representative committee is formed from student representatives from each faculty who act in the best interest of the student body and the University as a whole. A student is eligible to run for election is he/she is not on probation and is registered for at least 12-credit hours. Members of the committee shall be elected by the respective classes in the various faculties of the University. If the membership of any student is dropped for any of the above reasons, election for a replacement shall normally take place within a period that should not exceed one month. The duties of the committee include: communicating to the students any information on faculty issues and expressing their views opinions on such issues; promoting and coordinating social, recreational, and cultural activities; studying problems of faculty-wide interest and submitting recommendations for their solution to proper authorities; electing a student representative to the various committees in the faculties of Azm University.
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