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Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

The University applies an integrated strategy to establish itself as a student-centered and research-oriented institution.
We are committed to deliver the most up-to-date quality education to a socially diversified body in the North of Lebanon.

Vision Statement

We aspire to become a nationally competitive and discovery-driven higher education institution that is distinguished by being contextually grounded and by promoting a culture of inquiry and entrepreneurship. Our graduates shall be responsible leaders that actively contribute to the advancement and well-being of their community and beyond.


In pursuing this vision, the University's activities, operations and decision-making are reinforced by the following values:


We achieve excellence in education and research by providing a high quality academic and professional foundation across all our programs.


We encourage and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology into solutions and are dedicated to the creation of new knowledge.


We are committed to enriching the social, economic, cultural and intellectual life of North Lebanon.

Academic freedom:

We are committed to honesty and fairness and the highest standards of ethical conduct across our operations and to promoting a learning community.

Equality and diversity:

We are committed to inclusion, diversity and equal opportunity across all aspects of our operations and are objective in dealing with our stakeholders.


We stand for reliability and respecting our standards and commitments as we seek to enhance the University’s professional reputation and identity.


We work nationally and internationally to develop partnerships based on trust, respect, and value creation.
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