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President's message

Welcome to Al Azm University, a university with a distinctive mission and approach aimed at providing the highest level of education in a vibrant community. That's what attracted me to this University as I begin my tenure as new President, and I believe that's what has attracted you as well. I believe that our young University, while providing liberal arts model of higher education, will balance preserving the best features of a traditional small college education, with growth and change to better serve today’s students.
The founders of the University have set a solid commitment to scholarship and academic excellence. The University offers a set of undergraduate programs with a focus on providing the broad foundational skills needed in all fields such as thinking critically, identifying and solving problems, and good communication skills. Our vision for the University over the next few years includes further expanding our facilities both to accommodate our growing population and to provide our students with state-of-the-art facilities. Students’ academic choices will be growing through new majors, specifically in a new faculty of engineering.
Our faculty and staff are fully committed to students’ success, and will share with students their enthusiasm for knowledge and for making a difference in our society. Our goal is not just to provide an education that leads to a successful career and a bright future, but also to help students broaden their knowledge and skills, to make lifelong friends through various student clubs and organizations, to graduate with 21st century skills and move on to productive careers and rewarding lives.
We aim at establishing very close relationship with the public and private sectors and to expand partnerships with leading organizations in the country and abroad. The University enjoys a beautiful coastal modern campus, which fosters an institution-wide commitment to sustainable development and environment.
I invite you to explore what Azm University has to offer you through our website and other social media, discover what positions us amongst Lebanon’s most promising universities, and explore why Azm University is “Your Quality Education in the North’. I believe you will be impressed by what this university has achieved in such a short period of time.

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Farid Chaaban

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