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President's Message

Dear Azm University Community,

We again start a new academic year under unusual circumstances. The country is in the throes of economic and political uncertainties, and the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic is playing havoc with what were once simple routines. However, despite all of this, and thanks to the zeal of our deans, faculty, staff and the admirable response of our students, courses at Azm University are proceeding as they should, with clear learning objectives and planned methods of assessment.

Just before the start of classes, our staff carried out a well-designed Orientation Program for entering students that included an introduction to University rules and procedures, get-acquainted meetings with the faculty, and computer lab workshops to familiarize them with our online processes. Faculty members, too, were offered refresher courses in online instruction and the use of Moodle, Teams and other platforms. When deemed necessary, a few courses are adopting a hybrid format with students coming to class once a week.

On campus, all are observing social distancing and wearing masks. Those entering the University have their temperatures taken, pass through a “sanitizing” tunnel, and must put on their masks and keep them on at all times. Sanitizing gel is available at different spots, and offices and classrooms are fumigated periodically.

We are very impressed by the quality of this year’s entering class. Every single applicant submitted school grades, letters of recommendation, a personal essay, and was interviewed by one of the deans. Not all who applied were admitted, but all those who were admitted were awarded significant financial aid. Our intent is to seek out outstanding students – outstanding in that they have talent, ambition, or a genuine desire to discover – and provide them with the opportunity to grow and thrive.

In just five years, Azm University has established itself as a leading institution in the North of the country. Despite the dire economic conditions, the larger number of our graduates have been able to move forward, either by obtaining meaningful employment or by securing scholarships to continue their studies locally or abroad. Recent alumni have obtained scholarships to pursue master’s degrees in the United States, Spain, Turkey and Qatar.

Still, we want to do more, and will continue to set our goals higher. Tripoli needs and deserves a first-tier University and all of us at Azm University, faculty, staff and sponsors are committed to delivering on our motto: A University for the Outstanding – and, of course, a University deserving of the Outstanding. We are looking forward to a very eventful, albeit atypical, year. We are structuring new centers—one for the teaching of Arabic to foreigners, another to engage in security sector reform — designing CEC courses in such areas as Islamic banking and digital marketing, and looking into creating a University scholarship endowment fund. We will keep you informed.

All the best to our very dear University community.

Ramez Maluf
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