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President's message

As the academic year 2016-17 comes to a close, and the new 2017-18 academic year is approaching, I want to thank Azm University faculty and staff for the great work and high commitment to our students and to our mission. I would also greatly acknowledge the efforts of our BOT in providing continuous guidance and support thus facilitating the development process of the University. We have advanced a range of ambitious academic initiatives for a start-up academic institution, while focusing on how we can serve the common good.


Efforts were made persistently to achieve the objectives of our young university and its vision to becoming an institute of quality higher education, and to be a positive learning community that builds on quality relationships and developing inquiring minds. Azm University has submitted several proposals to the MEHE for expanding existing faculties with new programs that address the needs of the 21st century, and for introducing a new full fledge Faculty of Engineering. The required space and infrastructure for our growing university will be secured through an ambitious expansion plan of our campus.

During the past academic year, faculties of the University have organized several exciting seminars and workshops, featuring presentations by our faculty, as well as external visitors. Numerous students’ activities were also organized and carried out successfully. We are proud of our students who have been recognized with awards and prizes in local competitions. Our future plans will continue building on strong foundations, giving our graduates the skills to become successful in their future careers in local and global markets. We look forward to graduating the first batch of Azm students this year.

We have adopted this year a General Education (GE) program through which students, in addition to the in-depth knowledge in their fields of specialization, will be exposed to a wide scope of courses in humanities, languages, sciences, and quantitative thoughts. The aim is to provide them with breadth of knowledge and an array of intellectual experience such as communication and presentations skills and critical thinking.

It has been a year during which we have consolidated our financial aid programs through the development of a fund for supporting students with ability and promise. We have attracted a number of outstanding applicants last year, and we have all the intention of attracting higher numbers for the 2017-18 academic year.


I want to acknowledge the Azm community for the great work and high commitment to our students and to our mission. It has been an exciting Year One for me as president, and the coming year will be an important year as we continue with the growth process of the University. We all had a very productive year and we look forward to starting another one. We are all moving forward.

Farid Chaaban
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