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The Jamal Abed Faculty of Architecture Graduate Student Wael Daher wins the 3rd Prize at the Chadirji 22nd Award for the Lebanese Students of Architecture

The Jamal Abed faculty of Architecture proudly congratulates its student Wael Daher on winning the third prize in the 22nd annual “Al-Chadirji Award for Lebanese Students of Architecture” ...
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The First Annual Art Fair at Azm University

On its 1st Annual Art Fair, and for two consecutive days, Azm University welcomed hundreds of visitors and exposed them to a unique cultural scene in the outdoors area of the campus. It was an ...
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Meet Ali Khodr
Meet Ali Khodr
Lebanese Brazilian Ali Khodr, film artist and visual arts researcher, has joined Azm University as a full-time instructor in the Faculty of Journalism and Media Communication. Read more
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Azm Students Participate in Media Digital Literacy Academy at LAU

Azm University media students and alumni were among 50 Lebanese and 50 international participants invited to attend the Digital Literacy Academy of Beirut (MDLAB), which took place May 19 to May 27 ...
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The Jamal Abed Faculty of Architecture at Azm University organized a cultural visit to the archaeological site in Baalbek as part of its vision to complement the academic experience in the classroom ...
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