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Important Dates

Brazilian Ambassador at Azm

On March 12, Brazilian Ambassador Paulo Cordeiro de Andrade Pinto headed a roundtable discussion with invited guest at Azm University, as part of the series of ambassadorial visits to the i ...
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Azm University Student Entrepreneur Competition: Semi-Final

The Azm University Entrepreneurship Center organized an internal student entrepreneur competition as part of the national competition defined by #AUF (Agence Universitaire De La Francophonie) #DEEL ...
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Meet Mr.Samir Youssef, who has joined the Faculty of Arts and Sciences this year in the Department of Journalism and Media Communication.

Mr.Youssef is best known as the producer, and often presenter, of one of Lebanon's most recognizable TV show, "Atel 3an al 7uriya" or “Deprived of Freedom,” broadcast on Murr TV. Read more

Also Around Campus

U.S. Scholar Addresses Management Class

On February 28, Professor Daniel Friel from the Universidad de San Andrés in Buenos Aires, Argentina, visited Azm University where he delivered a stirring lecture on "Business Culture in Latin ...
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What Qualities Do Principals Look for in a New Teacher?

The Departments of Education and English Language at Azm University hosted an interactive panel discussion titled “What Qualities Do Principals Look for in a New Teacher?,” on Tuesday, ...
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