Important Dates

ARCHIDES in a workshop led by the University of Sheffield, UK

An International Design Charrette- a design workshop organized and led by the Landscape Department at Sheffield University- was held in Beirut Digital District between 11 & 12 September, with the ...
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Maluf in Meeting to Promote Digitalization

On September 9, Azm University President Ramez Maluf joined a meeting of university presidents at the office of Minister of State for Information Technology and Investment Adel Afiouni during which ...
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Meet Mr.Samir Youssef, who has joined the Faculty of Arts and Sciences this year in the Department of Journalism and Media Communication.

Mr.Youssef is best known as the producer, and often presenter, of one of Lebanon's most recognizable TV show, "Atel 3an al 7uriya" or “Deprived of Freedom,” broadcast on Murr TV. Read more

Also Around Campus

AZM Honors Young Scholars During School Directors Dinner

Seven distinguished young scholars from northern Lebanon were honored during the annual Azm University School Directors Dinner, in recognition of their exceptional contributions to their academic ...
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Azm University to Develop Artificial Intelligence Program

Azm University announced today that it will start offering a course in Artificial Intelligence in the next academic year, as a first step toward offering a full certificate in the discipline in ...
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