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Debate Audience Votes that Love Is Not Important

On November 8, Azm University hosted a debate on whether “Love Is Necessary for a Happy Marriage,” and those opposing the motion made the more significant impact on the audience. At the ...
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Architectural Wonders at Tripoli International Fair: A Lesson in Design Innovation

Wednesday October 25, students and their Digital Design Communication course instructor, embarked on an enlightening journey to the historic Tripoli International Fair in Lebanon. Their mission was ...
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Meet hana Othman
Meet hana Othman
We would like to welcome Ms. Hana Othman, our new full-time lecturer at the Jamal Abed Faculty of Architecture. Ms. Othman first joined as a part-time faculty member during the academic year 2022-23 Read more
Around Here

Sarde After Dinner Couple Meet Azm University Students

In a world full of audio entertainment and information, there are some standout voices that give us unique interesting stories and deep discussions. Mouin Jaber and Medea Azouri, the duo behind the ...
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Cheers to Saja! Achievement in the Kfarhazeer Public Park Competition

A solid competition unfolded with twenty-six contestants vying for winning in the Kfarhazeer-Alkoura Public Park Competition. Ms. Saja Deeb, a recent JAFA Architecture graduate as of last summer, ...
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