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Meet Dr. Chérine Jneid

Chérine Jneid is an accomplished academic professional, currently serving as an Associate Professor and the esteemed Dean of the Business Faculty at Azm University. With a strong background in the Human Resources (HR) industry across various sectors alongside with her acdemic background a a holder of a Ph.D. in HRM, two master degrees on HRM and Accounting& Finance, Chérine makes significant contributions to the field of business education and research.
Her passion lies in the fields of Organizational Behavior (OB) and Entrepreneurship, where she actively engages in research and contributes to the scholarly community. Chérine has made significant contributions to the academic world through numerous book chapters and journal articles published in respected ABDC ranked journals (mainly B ranked journals).
In addition to her impressive academic achievements, Chérine serves as the Erasmus Coordinator at AZM University for the project "Social Entrepreneurship in time of crisis", where she fosters national and international collaborations and enriches the educational experiences of students.
Chérine Jneid is known for her patient and friendly approach, fostering a supportive learning environment for her students and colleagues. Her passion for knowledge transfer and enthusiasm for creating opportunities for growth make her an invaluable asset to the academic community.
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